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4chan.org is the reason you are here. It is an English-language collection of imageboards, inspired by the popular Japanese site 2chan. It was created by moot on October 1, 2003, with help from hova, shut, and Censored Vagina.

The 4chan logo is a collection of four leaves (Yotsuba in Japanese). It was begun by members of the Something Awful forums; first, it contained only the "Random" imageboard. Later, other boards were incorporated to discuss anime, hentai, and various other aspects of Japanese culture. Since then, subject matter of boards has broadened, especially with the recent addition of several more Western-oriented boards.

4chan has "died" several times, due to lack of hosting, bandwidth/server problems, etc. See death.

Money has always been an issue. Due to the nature of some of the content on 4chan, many hosts and advertisers have been reluctant to offer their services. Late last year, moot announced a bold fundraising plan that was, for the most part, a failure. See Donate or Die 2005.

[edit] Imageboards

[edit] Usual

  • a (Anime & Manga)
  • an (Animals & Nature)
  • b (Random)
  • c (Anime/Cute)
  • cgl (Cosplay & EGL)
  • cm (Cute/Male)
  • d (Hentai/Alternative)
  • e (Ecchi)
  • f (Flash)
  • g (Technology)
  • gif (Animated GIF)
  • h (Hentai)
  • hr (High Resolution)
  • k (Weapons)
  • i (Oekaki)
  • ic (Artwork/Critique)
  • k (Weapons)
  • m (Mecha)
  • mu (Music)
  • n (News)
  • o (Auto)
  • p (Photography)
  • po (Papercraft & Origami)
  • r (Request)
  • s (Sexy Beautiful Women)
  • sp (Sports)
  • t (Torrents)
  • tv (Television & Film)
  • u (Yuri)
  • v (Video Games)
  • w (Anime/Wallpapers)
  • wg (Wallpapers/General)
  • y (Yaoi)

[edit] Unusual

  • 5 (Pictures of 5)
  • z (?)
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